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Hillside School is proud to announce that we will be using Infinite Campus for our new Student Information System and Parent Portal. Stay Tuned for more information.
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Hillside Headlines, Summer 2014

Residency Notice:

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 Hillside School District 93 has an obligation to make you aware of the following information. According to Illinois state law, only legal residents of a public school district may enroll their children in that school. To ensure that protection to our taxpayers, checks of district residency are periodically conducted by an outside independent agency on behalf of the District’s Board of Education. All new residents are required to prove residency and are subject to such verification, as well as those for whom a question of residency has been indicated through a data base check, consistently returned mail, or other specific indicators. State law prohibits living arrangements for “…access to the educational programs of a district…”. Hillside School District 93 appreciates your assistance in these matters.

 Illinois School Code and related legislation makes it a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine or up to 30 days in jail to knowingly enroll a child in the wrong school district, and the Board of Education may also act to collect tuition from anyone who fraudulently enrolls a child. That amount for the current school year is over $12,039. In case of doubt or dispute, the burden of providing such accurate residence proof at a hearing before the Board of Education shall be upon the parent/guardian of the child. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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